Attorney David Sullivan

About Attorney David Sullivan

David Sullivan is a native of Simpsonville, South Carolina and a graduate of Hillcrest High School. He received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of South Carolina. David played in the marching band both at Hillcrest High School and later at the University of South Carolina.  Also, while at Hillcrest High School, he was active in the Greenville County Youth Symphony.  After finishing college, he began working as a writer for a publisher of several small weekly publications in the Columbia area.  Then, for the next several years, he worked as a title abstractor in counties throughout South Carolina researching real estate records for lawyers. David received his law degree from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock in 2004. As a lawyer his experience has primarily been in the areas of in real estate and criminal defense.  After working for a number of years as a closing attorney and litigating real estate matters, he joined the Sumter County Public Defender's Office when the real estate market took a downturn.  While an assistant public defender for over four years, David had the opportunity to handle hundreds of criminal cases and regularly tried a wide range of cases from minor drug possession charges to murders. He is proud of having worked in the trenches as a public defender and his experience has made him a staunch defender of indigent defense.  In addition to practicing law, David has served as an Adjunct Business Law Instructor at Midlands Technical College in Columbia for several years. Also, he is active in the South Carolina Mock Trial program. He is licensed to practice in both state court and federal courts and is a title insurance agent for Investors Title Insurance Company.  After working for other attorneys for many years, Dave opened his own law practice in his hometown of Simpsonville.